Top 9 MG996R Servo – Auto- & Fahrzeugelektronik

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1. MoPei

Mopei 2pcs MG996R Metal Gear Digitale Torque Servo für RC Auto Boot Flugzeug Helikopter

MoPei - Betriebsgeschwindigkeit: 0, 8 v; 0, 13 sec/60 degree 6, 17 sec/60 degree 4, 0 v. Hohe geschwindigkeit, stabil und stoßfest. Br>. Br>. Gear type: metal Gear . Drehmoment: 12 kg/cm 6, 0 V. Kompatibel mit den meisten Standard-Receiver-Anschlussen: Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS usw.

2. Thingnobvation

Servo Mg996R MG 996R MG996 996 Digital 10kg 13kg Drehmoment Metall

Thingnobvation - Toterbandbreite: 5 µs stabile und stoßfeste Doppelkugellager Temperaturbereich: 0 °C - 4, 8 V bis 7, 2 V. Gewicht: 55 g, 7 x 42, maße: ca. 900 ma 6 v doppelkugellager-Design 55 °C. Drehmoment: 9, 8 v, 7 x 19, 4 kgf · cm 4, 11 kgf · cm 6 V.40, 9 mm. Betriebsgeschwindigkeit: 0, betriebsspannung: 4, stromstrom 500 ma, 8 v bis 7, 0, 14 s / 60 ° 6 V, 8 v, verriegelungsstrom 2, 2 v, 17 s / 60 ° 4, 5 A 6 V.

3. Iunius

Iunius 4pcs MG996R Servo Motor Metal Gear Torque Digital Motor Kit for RC Airplane Model Car Helicopter Robot Diving Equipment Smart Camera Racing Model

Iunius - Angel: 180°. Stall torque 4. 8v: 11±010kg·cm. Dead band width: ≤5 usec. Metal servo motor with higher torque and quality. Dimensions : 405 x 20 x 41 mm; weight: 55g. Operating voltage: 4. 8v~6. 0v. Application fields: remote control helicopters, micro robot, diving equipment, racing model, all kinds of R/C Toys etc.


UIOTEC 25T M3 Metal RC Servo Arm Horn for MG995 MG946R MG996R MG945 S3003*

UIOTEC - Standard: 25T. Suitable for: mg995 mg996 946 3003. 25t: futaba, hl, xcore, hSP, savox, HD power, Go tech. Material: CNC Metal.

5. DollaTek

DollaTek 5Pcs MG996R Digital Metal Gear Servo für Smart Car Robot Boat RC Hubschrauber

DollaTek - Stabil und stoßfest, Metallgetriebe, Anschlusskabellänge 300mm. Mg996r micro servo motor, der von sg90 micro servo und MG90S Micro Servo Motor aktualisiert wurde. Die geschwindigkeit, Spannung und Genauigkeit nehmen zu. Torsionsmoment: 12 kg / cm 6 V, 13 kg / cm 7, 2 V. Kompatibel mit den meisten Standard-Empfängeranschlüssen: Futaba, Sanwa, Hitec, JR. Micro servo motor für 1:10 rc auto Roboter Hubschrauber Servo ferngesteuertes Flugzeug für Heimwerker.

6. Longruner

Longruner SG90 Micro Servo Motor 9G RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls KY66-5

Longruner - Operating speed: 012second/ 60degree 4. 8v no load. Operating voltage: 3. 0v~7. 2v. Temperature range: -30 to +60 Dead band width: 7usec. Stall torque 4. 8v: 17. 5oz /in 1kg/cm.

7. DollaTek

DollaTek 2Pcs Aluminium Multifunktions Servo Halterung Lenkkopf Roboter Manipulator für MG995 MG996R S3003

DollaTek - Servohalterung für schultern und Knie oder andere Gelenke von humanoiden Robotern, Zweibeinern, usw. Schwenk- und neigebaugruppe für horizontale Oberflächenmontage. Hohe qualität: aluminium material, oberflächen sandstrahlen.

8. Waveshare

Waveshare Servo Driver HAT for Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano 16-Channel 2-bit I2C Interface PCA9685 Driver Supports Servo Such as SG90, MG996R, etc, MG90S

Waveshare - I2c controlled, using only 2 pins; up to 16-Channel servo/PWM outputs, 12-bit resolution for each channel 4096 scales. Standard raspberry pi 40pin gpio extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano.

Comes with development resources and manual examples in python like Bluetooth/WiFi remote control, download documents : www. Waveshare. Com/wiki/servo_Driver_HAT. Integrates 5v regulator, up to 3A output current, can be powered from battery through VIN terminal. Standard servo interface, mg996r, supports common used servo such as SG90, etc. Reserved i2c control pins, MG90S, allows to work with other control boards.
ArtikelnummerServo Driver for RPI

9. Longruner

Longruner 10Pcs MG90S Metal Geared Micro Servo Motor 9G For Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls mini Servo 450 LKY61

Longruner - The model is suitable for ordinary small electric aircraft models and is not recommended in large fixed wing and electric helicopter. Fit for all kind of r/c toys and also make electronics DIY based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. Mg90s micro servo motor, updated SG90 serve motor. Gear micro servo motor for robot Plane Helicopter Boat Car Horns servo Remote controlled aircraft for DIY. Mini micro servo 450Dead band width: 10usec.